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Counting Steps – Fitbit Data From My Camino

Last year I followed the Camino Portugués from Porto (Oporto) to Santiago de Compostela, keeping detailed logs of my steps during the days. Using the Fitbit Flex that I talked about in a previous post here, we can see the typical walking pattern during a pilgrims day: when they wake, take breaks, socialise in the evenings and go to sleep.


Counting Steps – The Best Wearable Fitness

Most people never walk as much in their daily lives as they do when making the Camino. It’s a fascinating exercise to use wearable fitness to track your daily step count before, during and after your journey. Does your pilgrimage inspire you to become a more active person on your return? Just how far do you walk around town after reaching the albergue? How does the quality of your sleep compare when you are physically exhausted to your day-to-day life?


Famous Pilgrims

People have been walking the Camino for hundreds of years, and it’s a powerful feeling that you’re following in their footsteps, participating in the same tradition. For those of us with European heritage, more than likely some of our ancient ancestors made the same pilgrimage to Santiago de Compostela! Many well known figures from history have made the journey too, from powerful kings, to US presidents, Popes and Hollywood movie stars.


El Camino de Santiago in Film

For those preparing for the Camino, watching films about it can be a great way to get in the right mood! There has been a real surge in interest over the past few years due to one Hollywood blockbuster in particular. Here we look through the most famous and inspiring films featuring the way of Saint James.