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The Ultimate Packing List for the Camino

Packing List – Introduction In the weeks and months leading up to your Camino, all you can do to prepare is build up your fitness and make sure your packing list is complete. We’ve compiled an extensive list of everything you need for a perfect Camino de Santiago. This list has a lot in common with any packing list for an extended hike so feel free to share with anyone planning an adventure!


How to Train for the Camino: Your Fitness 101

It’s quite a daunting task isn’t it. Walking hundreds of kilometers through the European countryside, over mountains and through valleys, under a punishing sun, against the spite of the elements.Its good to be prepared physically to travel such long distances on foot.


Cost of the Camino de Santiago

For the typical pilgrim experience, the Camino is not going to break the bank. Nevertheless, all the costs put together can really add up over four weeks and lead to an unexpected surprise if you aren’t careful. In this article we give you a rough idea of the costs you should be prepared for once you arrive at your starting point.


Money Belts and Security

The Camino route is widely regarded as being very safe. However, there are always exceptions and it pays to be well prepared. From secret money belts to safety devices and general tips, these pointers are an essential read to those who want to play it safe!


Camino de Santiago Map

The most important maps for anyone walking the Camino to Santiago de Compostela. General maps showing all possible routes down to individual maps focusing on the most common route, the Camino Francés, and the largest city maps.


Papal Indulgences

Indulgences in the Roman Catholic Church are a special privilege given to those who fulfill certain criteria. They reduce the time that would have been spent in purgatory suffering for sins after death. In the middle ages the pilgrimage to Santiago de Compostela was encouraged by granting a plenary indulgence to those who made the journey and did certain things on arrival. Now we look in more depth at what indulgences are, their history, and most importantly how you can save yourself some time in purgatory!