Cost of the Camino de Santiago

For the typical pilgrim experience, the Camino is not going to break the bank. Nevertheless, all the costs put together can really add up over four weeks and lead to an unexpected surprise if you aren’t careful. In this article we give you a rough idea of the costs you should be prepared for once you arrive at your starting point.

Great exchange rate


Euros are at a great exchange rate now for UK/US residents. Source: flikr

First things first, some good news for those outside the Euro currency block. For UK and US residents, the euro is really cheap right now. At the time of writing, a US dollar is worth around 92 euro cents up from just 73 euro cents last year. This means everything will be about 20% cheaper than last year. Similarly against sterling: 1 GBP is worth around 1.39 euros, up from 1.23 euros this time last year. So that’s around 12% cheaper for UK residents.

Cost of Accommodation – How Much to Pay at a Typical Albergue


A beautiful old albergue… Probably costs around 10 euros.

As a reference we will look at a typical albergue that you find walking the Camino Francés. You will pay between 7 and 12 euros, usually closer to 7 than 12. Its sensible to set aside 10 euros a night for albergues and it will balance out overall.

Accommodation – Price Per Night – €10

Accommodation – Price for 2 week Camino – €140

Accommodation – Price for 4 week Camino – €240

Pricing Food


Some delicious Spanish food…. Easy way to spend money!

You can get a nice coffee and a continental style breakfast between €3 and €5, so let’s budget €4.

For snacks while your walking and a self prepared lunch its going to be between €6 and €10 – on average €8 each day.

On arrival in the evenings you can always find a special pilgrim menu, the ‘menú del peregrino’. This is usually €12 or so. This menu has a starter, main course and desert. It comes with a drink (including alcoholic drinks). The other options on the menu are similarly priced, so it’s safe to set aside €12 for your evening meal.

Food – Price Per Day – €24

Food – Price for 2 week Camino – €336

Food for 2 week Camino – €336

Other Costs

There’s not much else you’ll have to pay for, but a few possibilities:

  • the occasional beers in the evening
  • laundry if you don’t do it by hand
  • medicine or plasters
  • additional walking equipment
  • additional fees by your bank for using your card abroad

Obviously this depends from person to person, but we’re just going to estimate €8 all told.

Other – Price Per Night – €8

Other – Price for 2 week Camino – €112

Other – Price for 4 week Camino – €224

Adding it All Up

So we’ve looked at typical costs for most pilgrims staying in albergues and eating well, enjoying themselves with eating out every night. At the end of this article you can read some factors that might push up your total spend, and other ways you can control your spending to bring this number down.

Total Cost Per Day – €42/ $46/ £30

Total Cost for 2 week Camino – €588/ $640/ £420

Total Cost for 4 week Camino – €1176/ $1280/ £840

How it can get more expensive

How to save money

  • Bring a tent and camp out where possible.
  • Make all your own meals from food you buy in supermarkets.
  • Don’t buy bottled water, carry lots of bottles with you an fill whenever you see free drinking water.
  • Don’t pay for accommodation at all – just knock on doors and see if the locals will let you stay with them (we’ve heard from Spanish friends this is possible!)