Guy Films Camino de Santiago on a GoPro

Great video of a Spanish guy walking the Camino de Santiago de Compostela. He films it all using a portable GoPro camera. Filmed in 2014, it shows him eating with others along the way, walking through beautiful villages and jumping into a river.

Capturing the spirit of The Way

This sort of video is a really nice technique to capture the experience of the way. Even if you don’t have this type of camera, you can use your own phone or digital camera to recreate a similar effect. As you walk along, just record short videos from 5-10 seconds. Mix it up with different scenery, activities like eating or stopping for breaks. Once you get back use some video editing software to combine the clips into a single video and add a background music track.

Some variants on this technique are to take short video clips using a selfie stick in a consistent form – for example a 2 second video every 10km and piecing it altogether at the end! There’s some great examples out there for more inspiration, such as this:

In the video above, an adventurous walker travels through China taking one photo per day and stitching them together at the end. I love to see how his facial hair slowly changes over time!

What Movie Software to Use

You might not know it, but every version of Windows comes with the free package of Windows Movie Maker. This is the best way to get started with editing your video. It’s free and it’s powerful too. You can just drag in the clips, add effects or a start slide if necessary, then overlay the background music track. You can export it specifically tailored for use on Youtube or just save it in a standard high quality format for your own use. If you want to share it with friends but don’t want to make it public you could upload it to Facebook too: their video service is growing hugely in popularity and gives more control over privacy settings.

What type of Background Music

There’s copyright issues over using the majority of popular music, so you’ll have to search for copyright free music on google. It’s good to use something relaxed and chilled to not distract from the content! For the creative minded, you can mix the background music with the actual audio from your video clips for a nice effect.