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Low Cost Airlines for Non Europeans

We Europeans are well used to the intricacies and tricks of the low-cost flight. Pilgrims from other countries may not be so aware of how to find the best deals from budget airlines, or the tricks the airlines pull to land you with additional charges. If you want to visit some other European countries before or after your Camino then you need to read this!


Famous Pilgrims

People have been walking the Camino for hundreds of years, and it’s a powerful feeling that you’re following in their footsteps, participating in the same tradition. For those of us with European heritage, more than likely some of our ancient ancestors made the same pilgrimage to Santiago de Compostela! Many well known figures from history have made the journey too, from powerful kings, to US presidents, Popes and Hollywood movie stars.


Who is Santiago?

You probably already know that ‘Santiago’ is Spanish for ‘Saint James’, and that Saint James was one of the twelve Apostles of Jesus. No doubt you have also heard the legend that his remains are kept in the Cathedral in Santiago de Compostela. For many people this is now where they reach the limits of their knowledge! So what is so great about this person that everyone is walking so far to see?


Sending Luggage Ahead

It’s quite common, and fortunately straight forward, to send luggage ahead of you on the Camino. Perhaps you are coming from an extended trip around Europe and have nowhere to leave your non-essential luggage? Or perhaps you’re suffering from a short term injury and just need a day’s relief from carrying your sack?