Sending Luggage Ahead

It’s quite common, and fortunately straight forward, to send luggage ahead of you on the Camino. Perhaps you are coming from an extended trip around Europe and have nowhere to leave your non-essential luggage? Or perhaps you’re suffering from a short term injury and just need a day’s relief from carrying your sack?

Option 1: Post it straight to Santiago

If you have no need for some of your belongings while walking then you can send it to Santiago de Compostela and pick it up on arrival. For smaller parcels you can post it forward using the ‘Lista de Correos’ system at a post office and then collect it up to 14 days later. They have a discounted rate for pilgrims. When you go to collect it at the post office bring your postal receipt and passport. Bare in mind that post offices are closed Sundays and on public holidays.

If you have a larger pack that you want to send forward the post office may be unable to help. In these cases you can use one of the private companies. On the Camino Francés there is a company called ‘Jacotrans’ which operates from the larger stopping points. They even offer to change your bag for a smaller one for the rest of your journey, at a fee of course! You can find plenty of other private companies offering a similar service, and your albergue will be able to help.

Option 2: Send it to the next stop

If you just need a temporary rest, you can easily send your bag to your next resting point. You can either pay a taxi to do this, or some albergues can arrange for this service at a price too. Its not advisable to do this with expensive goods like laptops or cameras.

Option 3: Long term storage in Santiago

For some, the 14 day storage that the postal offices provide is not enough. There is a service provided by an individual in Santiago de Compostela to store your luggage for up to 60 days, for 15-25 euros depending on size. You can read more here.

Option 4: Send it home

This is generally a more expensive option than sending it straight to Santiago de Compostela. You can post it again via the Correos (post offices).